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Are Tape-in Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

By Erin Hayden, Hairdreams Creative Director


Hair extensions come in many forms and varieties. From bonded extensions to wefts/tracks, hand-tied hair and tapes, I’ve found that many clients can become overwhelmed with the choices available today. From my 15+ years of experience working with all kinds of hair extensions, the easiest hair extension transition for many who use clip-in extensions is wearing tape-in extensions. It’s easy to apply and remove, and in general, easy to maintain.

I am often asked if tape extensions are bad for your hair. Let me tell you a little bit more about tape extensions in general so you get a better general understanding of how they work, how they are applied and how to care for them.

Q: What are tape-in extensions?

A: Tape-in extensions are hair extensions that are gently taped to your own natural hair. With Hairdreams’ classic Quikkies tapes, we use two short strips of hair tapes about an inch wide with adhesive on the back (like a tape) and pair them together with your hair to create added fullness or length. Your own natural hair is actually placed in between the tapes to firmly secure its placement.

There are traditional, classic types of tapes and Hairdreams’ new tape extension technology called SECRETS - a new, innovative method to make hair invisibly longer and fuller. It can even be used to add volume on the top of the head. Thanks to a new Proprietary ‘3D-Imprint’ manufacturing technology, the extra, new hair appears to grow directly from the scalp resulting in luscious volume for an instant push-up effect and a perfectly, natural fall!




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Q: How long do my tape-in extensions last?

A: It all depends on how fast your hair grows and what length your natural hair is before applying the tapes. Tape extensions can last 6 months or more, but need to be removed and reapplied (moved up) anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks regularly. At that time, you will need to go back to your stylist to perform the service.

Q: How do I style tape-in extensions?

A: You can style tape extensions any way you’d like! They can be air-dried resulting in a natural beach wave, blow-dried, or straightened and curled with hot tools! Anything goes with Hairdreams Tape-ins since Hairdreams only uses the highest quality hair available in the world!

Q: Who can wear tape-in extensions?

A: Anyone who wants thicker or longer hair can wear tape extensions! From adding a few tapes to create bangs or more style to hair to adding more volume and length, tapes are easy to maintain and can look very natural. For those new to wearing semi-permanent extensions, many of my clients find that tapes are an easy transition to wearing hair extensions full-time.

Q: How do I choose the best tape extensions for me?

A: Hair quality is a huge factor in choosing the best tape extensions for your hair type. I’ve seen so many different types of hair quality (mostly bad quality) and the price range is extensive as well. I recommend going with high quality tape-ins that look great throughout the wear. Tapes that that look fresh and new even after multiple uses. Learn more about Hairdreams's legendary hair quality and why I chose to work with this brand.


Q: Are tape extensions bad for my hair?

A: Like any hair extension system, damage can occur when you don’t take care of your hair properly. Tape-in extensions should be applied by a salon professional. They will not harm your natural hair if applied by a professional and if you take proper care of your hair with the recommended hair care products and daily maintenance (brushing hair, putting hair back when sleeping or swimming, drying tapes after washing hair, etc.).


Q: How do I care for and maintain my tape extensions?

A: Home care and maintenance is very easy! These are just a few basic rules:

  • Be gentle on your hair! That means, avoid excessive tension or pulling on your hair and tape-ins. No tight braids or tight ponytails that put stress on the tapes.
  • Use the Hairdreams shampoo and conditioner for optimal cleansing and conditioning of your own hair and the tape-in hair extensions.
  • Brushing your Hairdreams tape-in hair extensions every day is essential to prevent tangling and matting.
  • Neatly put your hair back while sleeping or swimming. Before bedtime, tie your hair back (with big scrunchies) or braid hair to help keep hair in place through the night. Sleeping on a silk/ satin pillowcase or sleeping cap is also gentler for your hair. Tie your hair back before swimming to help avoid unnecessary tangling of your hair while in the water.
  • Make sure to specifically blow dry the tapes every time you wash your hair. . You can blow dry your tapes only and let the rest of your hair dry naturally or blow dry the tapes and the rest of your hair for a full blow dry.

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