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Hairdreams - The Most Coveted Hair Extensions And The Story Behind Them

If you’ve ever wondered what that best hair extension brand is out there, ask your stylist.  They know the real deal.  With so many hair extension brands in the market, it’s an overflowing sea of information that you can literally drown in.  But, what rises to the top is the most coveted hair extension brand in the world recognized for its legendary hair quality – Hairdreams hair extensions.

Hairdreams is the luxury hair extension brand that top hair stylists worldwide use exclusively to create beautiful, long, luxurious hair styles.  Hairdreams hair extensions are recognized worldwide as the first and foremost leading authority on the world’s finest hair extension craftsmanship, which 100% guarantees its superior grade and quality.  What makes it so different?  Hairdreams’ unsurpassed hair quality involves a one-of-a-kind, multi-step process that includes an elaborate procurement method, strand-by-strand hand-selection and an extensive refining process.  

Legendary Quality

Hairdreams only works with the best and highest-grade, healthy 100% human hair, which is procured all over the world in adherence with strict ethical principles.  Intricate and meticulous hair selection and refinement processes are used to produce human hair lengthening and thickening products with the brilliant natural shine, elasticity and bounce, characterizing real Hairdreams hair.  With its “7-Star” hair, Hairdreams’ most exquisite quality, every single hair strand is selected and sorted by hand according to stringent quality criteria. It can be re-used and re-bonded for multiple uses. 

In addition to its luxurious 7 Star hair, Hairdreams offers its 5 Star hair extension quality.  Hairdreams 7 Star is virtually virgin hair, which is only toned a maximum of 1.5 shades, while the 5 Star hair utilizes the least amount of color out/in process, double drawn during the hand-selection stage for consistent length and quality. The choice gives the hair stylist and consumer the most optimal and ultimate in luxurious or “luxy” hair extensions.  Both are available in a wide range of standard and customizable hair colors, textures and lengths.  Its patented bonding and tape extension systems perfectly blend with the client’s own hair and requires minimal daily maintenance.

Hairdreams hair is not stick straight due to its luxurious, healthy hair quality, unlike most brands which are partially or totally devoid of cuticle causing the hair to lay straight and deteriorate at an alarming rate because of little or no cuticle protection.  These heavy processes allow producers to start with low grade damaged hair, remove some of the cuticle (and still can be called REMY) or all of the cuticle and deliver to the customer or hair stylist a cheap product with cheaper results.  

Scientifically Proven Hairdreams Quality

An analysis at the University of Aachen, Germany proved the impressive and unparalleled quality of Hairdreams hair.

A comparison with a lower-priced competitor’s hair revealed that Hairdreams hair consists of 100% healthy “normal” hair with fully closed cuticle layers, which stands out for its perfect shine and natural elasticity. The competition’s hair on the other hand is mostly composed of extremely damaged hair with damaged or even exposed surfaces as a result of chemical treatments.

This is of great significance in terms of the quality of hair lengthening since hair without a healthy surface has little shine and elasticity and tends to become matted easily. 


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