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Women with Hair Loss – How & Why it Creates an Inferiority Complex

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More and more women are suffering from hair loss and thinning hair.  An aging population, hormonal changes and stress are some factors contributing to this increase.   It could also be heredity, from poor health conditions and a weakened immune system (alopecia, recovering from cancer, thyroid issues, lack of proper nutrition, post pregnancy, menopause, etc.) or environmental factors. Forty percent of women have visible hair loss by the time they reach age 40, according to the survey by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. By age 60, women hair loss sufferers will be in the 80% range.* 

What Happens When Women Start Losing Their Hair

Hair loss and thinning hair in women is generally more noticeable on the front and the top of the scalp. However, hair loss and thinning hair is not just a physical condition that can happen at any age.  It can take a devastating emotional toll as well.  Culturally, beautiful, full long hair is generally associated with youth, beauty, sensuality and attractiveness.  For centuries, women have historically been painted or photographed with gorgeous, voluminous, long locks from Greek Goddesses to royalty and high profile celebrities.

For many women, hair loss and thinning hair creates an inferiority complex which results in low self-esteem, anxiety and possible depression.  Many women turn to wigs or wefts to help remedy their hair situation, but there are other more natural-looking, permanent hair replacement options that can change women’s lives.  

Solutions for Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

There are numerous hair volumizing options for women.  From wigs to hair pieces to different types of hair extensions, women have choices today to help remedy their thinning hair condition.  Using tape extensions is becoming increasingly popular because it is fast, uncomplicated and also very gentle on the hair and scalp.

SECRETS tape extensions are a new, unique innovation from Hairdreams® preferred by stylists to help fill in thinning hair.  SECRETS are invisible tape extensions where high-quality human hair is attached to and discreetly integrates into one’s own hair once applied.  Unlike other tape extensions, the hair looks like it literally is growing out of the adhesive strips.  In reality, SECRETS are tape extensions that feature an innovative injection technology which has been exclusively developed by Hairdreams®. Luxurious Hairdreams® human hair strands are injected into the tape creating the appearance of additional hair growing directly from the scalp and at the same time creating a "push-up effect", which provides fuller, more natural-looking, voluminous hair. It literally helps lift the hair at the roots creating a volumizing effect on the crown.

Thanks to the SECRETS even customers with very fine and thinning hair can now achieve perfect results!  The SECRETS tape in hair extensions are densely packed with real hair and have up to 2x more hair than conventional tape extensions. They look so natural that no one would ever believe that it is not one’s own, real hair. 

The Ultimate Solution for Severe Hair Loss and Extremely Thinning Hair

Specifically created for severe hair loss and thinning hair, Hairdreams® features its patented MicroLines hair thickening system, which is hand-crafted, customized hair toppers that are placed on the top of the head.  It is hand-crafted with a micro-fine net that has a high quality, premium 100% real hair knotting technique and is invisibly integrated into one‘s own hair. Unlike with standard hair pieces, wefts and wigs, the added Hairdreams® hair will become "one” with one’s own natural hair. MicroLines are worn permanently and allow for a normal, active lifestyle which may include sports, such as swimming or just letting hair blow in the wind while riding in a convertible.  Plus, they feel just like one’s own natural hair.  These unique features have made MicroLines the best hair extensions for hair thickening (on top of the head) in the world.

Find out more about MicroLines and why so many clients can’t live without it.  

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Hairdreams® offers various permanent hair solutions for hair loss and thinning hair. It will guarantee the most natural results with low maintenance.  We can help you find your customized solution which will help boost self-esteem for a brand new you!  It has positively changed and empowered so many women’s lives to have a full, gorgeous new hairstyle.  Find a salon now to get started!