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Why Hairdreams® does not use hair from China...

Why Hairdreams® does not use hair from China and how the company is committed to honoring human rights through its code of ethics. 

On July 2, 2020, the hair industry was shocked to learn through U.S news media including CNN, Time Magazine and FOX News that 13 tons of human hair products were confiscated in the USA by the U.S Customs and Border Protection at the port of New York/ Newark due to concerns regarding potential massive human rights violations. The hair extensions, worth $800,000 dollars destined for the U.S market, are believed to be from ‟allegedly forced human rights abuses of child labor and imprisonment camps” in Xinjiang province in northwest China.

According to human rights organizations, these ‟imprisonment camps” currently hold more than 1 million members of the Muslim Uyghur minority who are being held captive. The U.S authorities claim that the confiscated goods consist of hair extensions and wefts, which were produced by imprisoned Uyghurs in forced labor for export.  

This latest incident reveals how important it is to find out where and how the hair extensions one purchases are actually obtained. Unlike the apparel industry, where many manufacturers have now committed to adhering to ethical standards in terms of working conditions and sustainability in the countries of origin, the hair extension industry has not yet standardized its procurement practices.

Several years ago, Hairdreams® pioneered and self-imposed its own strict code of ethics, which states that all real human hair procured is exclusively from ethically safe sources. These standards go far beyond what is currently practiced in the industry.  It includes numerous strict guidelines such as obtaining hair only from voluntary donors and hair produced under fair, sustainable working conditions with adequate compensation.

In addition to violating human labor rights, there are many other reasons why Hairdreams® does not and will not in the future, source its hair from China.  Chinese hair, which is of Asian type, does not meet the strict quality requirements of Hairdreams® hair. Hairdreams® only uses the most healthy untreated European type hair. European type hair is naturally much lighter in color and finer than Asian type hair. Asian type hair can come from many countries which surprisingly includes Russia. This hair is commonly mistaken as a European type when in fact mostly comes from Eastern Russia which is all Asian type hair.  

Asian type hair is naturally black, thick and is very bristly because it naturally has a larger circumference. In order to make Asian type hair usable for consumers in the western world, it has to be dramatically lightened and chemically-treated. This damages the hair texture and other important properties – compromising its natural shine and bounce that gets lost in the processing of the hair. Therefore, the hair becomes unsuitable for use as Hairdreams® hair extensions. In addition, it is virtually impossible to monitor and guarantee humane working conditions in China. This is another reason why Hairdreams® processes hair exclusively in European countries.

For years, Hairdreams‘® clients, stylists and salon partners have continually appreciated and raved about Hairdreams‘® consistency in terms of quality and ethics, which has elevated the brand’s exceptional reputation of legendary hair quality with lasting success.


Hairdreams®Code of Ethics

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- Quotes from Hairdreams® partner stylists and clients

What hair stylists and Hairdreams® clients have to say 

Maintaining high ethical standards is not only important to Hairdreams® employees, but is also appreciated by hair stylist partners and clients. Here are a few comments:

Hairdreams® Partner Stylists: 

Hair Artist Sonya Dove, Los Angeles USA:  "Hairdreams® has the best hair quality in the industry.  I spent 2 years, as the model, testing and trying so many hair extension brands.  When I learned how Hairdreams sourced and processed their hair extensions, I was sold and have been both a client and partner ever since." 

Hair Artist Di Pofi, Rome Italy: "Quality, sustainability and a good conscience are extremely important for me and my clients. I have been purchasing my hair extensions exclusively from Hairdreams® for many years, because I know that the same values apply there."

Extension artist Robert Steiner, Linz Austria: "When choosing products for my salon, I pay close attention to their origin. At Hairdreams® I know that I can rely not only on the quality of the products, but also on the fact that they come from ethically sound sources".

Hair specialist Edurne, Pamplona Spain: "I think it's great when manufacturers like Hairdreams® voluntarily commit to ethical principles. This creates trust and gives me a good feeling when I beautify my clients with Hairdreams® hair".

Hairdreams® Clients: 

Jillian W. USA: "I am obsessed with Hairdreams® hair quality! That's a given. But the fact that Hairdreams® procures the hair ethically makes me feel good about what I am purchasing and wearing. I love what the company stands for."

Alexandra P. Germany: "I think it's good that the trend when buying food, clothing or even cars is more and more towards sustainability and ethics. This must of course also apply to beauty products. If hair extensions come from imprisonment camps, then that's not ok at all. I think it's good that Hairdreams® is sending out a clear signal/ message with its code of honor!"