SECRETS - The Hottest Hair Trend Millions LOVE Right Now – Hairdreams Tapes

SECRETS - The Hottest Hair Trend Millions LOVE Right Now

Millions have seen it on TikTok and can’t get enough of it! Hairdreams, the leading human hair extensions expert has developed SECRETS - a new, innovative method to make hair invisibly longer and fuller. Thanks to a new Proprietary ‘3D-Imprint’ manufacturing technology, the extra, new hair appears to grow directly from the scalp resulting in an instant push-up effect and a perfectly, natural fall!

SECRETS are tape extensions, which are small adhesive strips where high-quality human hair is attached to.  They blend easily and invisibly integrate into your own hair. They actually disappear into your own hair upon application! Using tape extensions is becoming increasingly popular because it is fast, uncomplicated and also very gentle on the hair and scalp. The SECRETS tapes are densely packed with real hair and have more hair than other leading brands to instantly create a "push-up effect". They look so discreet and natural-looking that no one would ever believe that it is not one’s own, real hair. Thus, the secret remains between the client and the stylist!


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SECRETS Invisible Tape Extensions are available in hair lengths of 12”, 16” and soon 20”.  Combined with QUIKKIES, Hairdreams Original Tape Extensions, they can achieve fullness and length for the perfect “mermaid effect.”  The line offers a compact range of fashionable and natural hair colors, including the very popular Root Shadows - two-toned colored hair strands with a balayage effect that gradually lighten from dark roots to lighter ends.

What’s more?  The SECRETS can be worn for up to 8 weeks, then re-used up to 2 times. And the hair quality is guaranteed for up to 3 wears.  SECRETS tape extensions are now available at Hairdreams Partner Salons. Check out Hairdreams’ TikTok account for more: