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Tips on caring for your MicroLines hair thickening at home

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If you’re wearing MicroLines, we have the best methods to help you manage your hair piece at home!  Read on to keep your dream hair in tip top shape.

Be gentle on your hair! That means, avoid excessive tension or pulling on your hair and MicroLines hair piece.  No tight braids or tight ponytails that put stress or pull on the hair.

MicroLines hair brushing technique: use one hand to firmly hold the piece near the roots, while you use the other hand to brush through your strands. If possible, tie or pin your hair together.

Limit shampooing.  Once or 2x a week is recommended.  When shampooing, it’s best to position your head upside down in the bathtub or the sink.  Do NOT angle your head back in the shower as this pulls on hair and adds strain to the piece. Try not to rub hair in a circular motion. Instead, gently press onto scalp and work the shampoo through with soft strokes to evenly distribute on the scalp.  Rinse thoroughly to remove all product from hair and scalp. Dry hair as soon as you finish shampooing.

All Hairdreams® shampoos are gentle on your MicroLines to help thoroughly cleanse and increase shine.  Your stylist will recommend the ideal Hairdreams® shampoo for your hair type.  The following Hairdreams® formulas are available depending on your hair condition: Beauty Shampoo, Protein Shampoo or Volume Shampoo.

Condition, condition, condition for the best results. Hairdreams’ Regeneration Care is best to follow shampooing.  This intensive, nourishing conditioner leaves hair supple and more manageable. Apply on strands focusing on ends of hair. Leave on hair for a few minutes before rinsing completely.

Hairdreams® pH&Shine Spray is a favorite among clients.  Use as a leave-in treatment on towel-dried hair.  Then distribute throughout the hair by brushing using the Hairdreams® brush. Style as desired.

For added care at home, use a few drops of the Hairdreams® HairFluid daily on dry hair concentrating on lengths and tips of hair. This helps maintain hair’s shine, moisture and suppleness.

Blow-drying tips:  Try not to set the blow dryer temperature on the hottest level. Opt for medium to low heat for ideal MicroLines care.

To effectively maintain MicroLines’ condition between salon visits, regularly pull your own natural hair through the net of your MicroLines.  Stylists recommend doing this several times a day to avoid the matting or knotting of your own natural hair under the piece.

For MicroLines pieces that have grown out and loosened a bit, you can easily adjust the edge with bobby pins.

To purchase Hairdreams products, consult with your professional stylist. If you need assistance, you can call our experts at 888-226-3889. They are on call to answer any questions and send you any links for further assistance.