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The Best Hair Products for Hair Extensions

By guest Blogger Amy Seder
Los Angeles-based travel, fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer

Everyone knows that hair is always more than just hair. Great hair is an accessory all in itself, and can be all you need to elevate something so simple to a great outfit. For the past 4 years, I have been a die-hard, loyal, cult-member-status devotee to Hairdreams hair extensions. I am not blessed with naturally long or thick hair - my hair stops growing just below my shoulders and my natural ponytail is more of a little squiggle than a mane, something that always caused me so much insecurity and unhappiness with myself overall. I dreamed of having long hair, I craved it, I tried so many different kinds of clip in and tape-in extensions, and it wan't until I found Hairdreams that I felt like the hair I had was what was supposed to be on me all along.

Caring for Hair Extensions can seem daunting and complicated - you have hair you're not used to and you want to both make the most of it, and protect your investment. Finding the best shampoos, conditioners, treatments, creams, oils, brushes... with so many options how do you choose? Go straight to the source with products made specifically to match enhanced hair - my beloved Hairdreams  Hair Care Products.


When I got my first set of extensions years ago,  I was given a few of the products to take home and help me care for the hair, and I have been hooked ever since. The Hairdreams care line is purposely designed for long hair and human hair extensions - from the basics of shampoo and conditioner to styling products, to protect the health of both your real hair and the extensions and make them both shiny and last as long as possible. 


My All Time Number 1: Hairdreams Hair Fluid

To start, I am OBSESSED with the Hairfluid and *literally* never leave home without it.

When I am on photoshoots, the only four items that I always have with me are: Hairfluid, the Hairdreams mini brush (more on that later), a powder compact, and my signature lipstick. I've been speaking about my love for this product for years now - the love runs DEEP. The hairfluid's consistency is between an oil and a gel, and it always smooths both my extensions as well as the frizz on my natural hair, while adding lots of shine and softness. It is designed to prevent split ends and improve the structure of your hair, and I find it's the perfect smoother for beachy waves.

After curling my hair, my usual finishing routine is to lightly brush through the curls to break them up and create more of loose waves, then apply the hairfluid through to the ends, then top with a hairspray.


Step 1: Hairdreams Shampoo

Hairdreams has a few different shampoo formulas - I use the Protein Shampoo as my go-to regular, as my natural hair has always been pretty damaged and with breakage, despite my best efforts.

The classic Beauty Shampoo improves the hair's structure, adds shine, and is made for normal hair. And my favorite, the protein shampoo This nourishing shampoo is made for dry and more damaged hair and is made with Pro Vitamin B5 to strengthen and nourish the hair from within. And the third in the line, the Volume Shampoo is best for fine hair that needs strengthening and extra oomph, without weighing it down.

Hair extensions should not be washed and shampooed every day, and for  washing my extensions, I usually work in a "front to back" method. After starting with clean hair, my first wash after 1-2 days will usually be just the very front - the pieces of my natural hair that frame my face, which tend to get greasy first. Then at the next wash, I will tie back the extensions and move back to washing most of the natural hair on the crown of my hair (the "top layer" of hair) along my part. And then finally, as needed, I will wash my full extensions usually once or twice a week. My only exception is if I am swimming a lot, in which I will shampoo my hair to wash out the ocean or chlorine on a daily basis.

Step 2: Regeneration Care Conditioner

Hairdreams' conditioner, Regeneration Care, is one product that I just love. I use this as my regular conditioner and will also put some into my dry hair to sleep when I'm going to be washing it the next day for some extra deep conditioning. I will also rub a small amount into my dry hair before swimming to get it a layer of protection from the pool or ocean.

This conditioner is made to both strengthen and add shine.

Step 3: Double Action Conditioner Spray

I spray The Double Action Conditioner into my wet hair when I get out of the shower, and love this extra conditioner so much that I couldn't wait and had to use some of the bottle before taking these photos! This leave-in spray care with a special 2-phase effect. The intensive active care ingredients of the 1st phase penetrate deep into the hair to help nourish and moisturize. Phase 2 makes the hair easy to comb, and imparts a shiny and smooth finish without weighing down the hair.

Step 4: PH & Shine Spray

The pH & shine spray I will use both on wet and dry hair. Sometimes I will use both this and the Double Action,  and sometimes I will space them out, depending on how much I'm putting my hair through that week. The innovative pH & Shine Spray neutralizes the pH-level of hair after shampooing. It closes the cuticle of the hair, ensures that care ingredients are set firmly inside the hair and imparts a brilliant shine. The additional anti-static effect prevents "flyaway" hair.


I never leave home without:

The mini BRUSH! The hairdreams brush has a bit of a following for being the best brush for both brushing out wet hair and softening curls perfectly. While I l have a couple of the fullsize brushes at home, I am obsessed with this miniature version - it is in my purse everywhere I go and especially when we are shooting. When I'm traveling, I often won't even pack a full brush, and just use this mini for both regular brushing and on-the-go touch ups.

One of my favorite things about Hairdreams extensions compared to other kinds I have tried is that


Other Products I Love:

  • Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector- Olaplex's famous No. 3 is my go-to hair mask and protector. I love to use this as overnight leave-in, and for extra protection in challenging  environments (beaches, humid weather, in the water, etc.) 
  • Oribe Balm d'Or -  One thing I have found on my endless quest for healthy hair is how important heat protection is and how massive of a difference it makes over time. I now religiously apply this Balm as soon as I wash my hair as the first step - and in just a couple of months I have seen a huge improvement in shine and overall lusciousness.
  • Oribe Invisible Defense Protection Hair Spray -  This spray is part 2 of my heat protection defense. I use this spray immediately before blow drying, straightening, or curling my hair (before applying any heat tool) to my hair to protect it even further.