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Maintaining My Hair With Hairdreams…

By guest blogger Missy On Madison
Los Angeles-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer

ICYMI – for years now I’ve been wearing Hairdreams hair extensions to achieve my ‘dream hair’ (hehe) of long length and thick volume since my natural hair is pretty short and fine, not able to hold a decent style for more than an hour. I forever struggled with wanting that gorgeous Victoria’s Secret looking hair full of voluminous curls looking ready for anything, so that is why over the years I’ve been thrilled to use Hairdreams to give me the hair I’ve always longed for.

To some, hair is hair, to me it’s everything…it makes me feel confident, beautiful, happy…it makes me feel like me! Even if I don’t do my makeup and just walk out the door with a messy bun of my thick extensions or leave my hair naturally wavy, I instantly feel good which in turn puts me in a happy mood. This may sound silly, but hey, everyone has something that makes themselves feel confident; and for me it happens to be my Hairdreams hair.


So how did I manage to still have great hair days even while in lockdown in California for about a year now? Well, again, Hairdreams is to thank. Something I’ll never forget is my grandma in NY texting me about 3 months into lockdown restrictions, asking what I’m doing about not being able to get my hair done etc (she was struggling as well with not having someone to style her hair which also is something that makes her feel good). My response surprised her as it does for many others…I wasn’t worried about getting my hair done because thanks to Hairdreams I only ever get my hair done twice a year.

Yup, you heard me right…these long locks last me about 6 months, and I have been able to stick to this cadence for the last few years now. Everyone seems so surprised to hear this, but unlike a lot of other extensions, Hairdreams are top-tier quality and with the right maintenance and care, it can last you a very long time. My stylist uses the Laserbeamer Nano to apply my extensions and I barely even have to come in for maintenance.|

So while everyone was feeling stir crazy needing a trim or color etc, my Hairdreams lasted me the first 6 months of quarantine and when California opened up for a short time in the summer I was able to swap out my extensions which I’ve been wearing ever since, even during the latest round of lockdowns.

While how my hair looks is far from a top priority during the pandemic, it’s something that gives me a little bit of confidence and happiness while sitting at home social-distancing. It feels nice to look in the mirror and feel like myself even when the world around us feels so out of control.

Hairdreams helps make my everyday beauty routine easy. Instant, perfect hair each and every day without constant salon maintenance is something that has been extremely handy this past year. While the future is uncertain when it comes to an end to this pandemic, the one thing that I can be certain of is that my Hairdreams hair will last me while waiting for the time it’s safe for salons to reopen again.