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Learn Laserbeamer Nano Online & Expand Your Earning Potential

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Online classes are taking off! From master classes in business and academics to learning new recipes and online workouts, people are taking online education to a whole new level.  Hairdreams® hair extensions has taken their revolutionary Laserbeamer Nano Certification online for any hair stylist interested in boosting their hair game knowledge plus earning potential!  

What once took place in a classroom setting shared with many other stylists is now available in a virtual learning space with a one-on-one personalized session with a Hairdreams® certified trainer giving the stylists/student an optimized experience! Instead of usually spending two days of your precious time traveling and being in a classroom, the online video tutorial module can be completed at your own leisure and the live hands-on virtual portion can be completed in about three hours! Plus, you won’t need a model and you save money by eliminating travel expenses!

“This is the best class that I’ve ever taken,” says Dreisy Figueroa, hair stylist at Renan Beauty Salon in Miami, Florida.  She is so excited that Hairdreams® is offering this course as it provides personalized attention for each stylist.  In fact, she completed the online course thoroughly trained with a customized, one-on-one session as opposed to being trained in a group setting.

So, how does the Laserbeamer Nano Online Certification work? 

It begins with online course modules. You will watch interactive videos and study various sections about Hairdreams’® history, Nano application, techniques, extension cutting and more, in your own time – anytime, anywhere!  Learn at your own pace. 

Then, you take part in the interactive, hands-on-line class with tactical training on how to use the Laserbeamer Nano together virtually with a Hairdreams® Master Trainer!  This digital, one-on-one training is set at your own pace while the Master Trainer guides you through your Nano application using various camera angles. A head-mount is included as part of the online package, so you can mount a camera on your head making it easier for the trainer to guide your Nano application training! The class includes a Laserbeamer Nano Kit with everything you need to get started.

ABOUT THE LASERBEAMER NANO: Hairdreams® proprietary automatic fusion technology instantly applies Hairdreams® real hair extensions in a fraction of the time than any other system. It’s a real, time-saver! It’s a must-have hair extension tool in your salon.  Why?  Here are the just some of the highlights of the Laserbeamer Nano: 

  • Applies 5 hair extension strands at once in just 35 sec
  • A full head application completed in only 45 min
  • Wears for 4-6 months
  • No removal and re-application needed during wearing time, which means minimal time for maintenance
  • Time-saving, hands-online training in the convenience of your home or salon

The online training, fast application, and low maintenance make the Laserbeamer Nano the most “socially distant” form of extensions.

Learn more and get started on the Laserbeamer Nano Online Certification!