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How To Remove Your Hair Extensions At Home

Are you desperate and ready to take on the challenge of removing your hair extensions at home?  In all honesty, this is really a job for a professional stylist since there are many risks involved in removing hair extensions from your own head.  There’s the chance that you can potentially damage your hair extensions and not be able to reuse them in the future.  But, what’s worse is – you can actually damage your own natural hair in the process.

Before making the decision to remove your hair extensions on your own, I suggest that you make sure to speak to the stylist who applied your extensions before taking any action.  This might save you from making a huge mistake that you may regret.  Improper hair extension removal can cause havoc for your hair and irreparable damage that may take months to recover from.

Tape Extensions

Tape extensions tend to be the easiest to remove since they are taped onto your hair.  It’s best to gently and slowly remove the tapes.

First, order the correct solution to ensure you won’t damage the tapes or your hair during removal. Hairdreams Tape Extension Removal Spray is the solution to remove Quikkies and Secrets easily and can be acquired through your hair stylist where they can order it online and have it shipped directly to you. Once you are prepared with the correct product, start by brushing thoroughly and detangling all your hair prior to removal. Removal should always be done on clean dry hair. Now you are ready to remove! Here are the steps:

  1. Spray a generous amount of the solution directly on the tape attachment. For best results spray slightly higher up toward the scalp so the solution can drip down in between the two tapes which will help release them.
  2. Start at one corner and with your fingers and peel the two tapes apart. Spray more solution as you go in between the two tapes.
  3. Once the two tapes release, remove the top tape then the bottom tape.
  4. For any remaining residue left on the hair spray more solution and comb out. If necessary apply conditioner and comb out excess residue.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 on all other tapes.

For safe keeping stick the two tapes together and keep all others. Bring them to your stylist and see if they may be reused.  To watch Hairdreams tapes removal click here.


Bonded Extensions

Bonded extensions are the trickiest of all to remove since they are individually applied and it can be a very strenuous and delicate removal process.

First, do you have the proper removal solution and removal tools? Using DIY removal products can possibly ruin your extensions, thus wasting your hard earned money to have them re-applied.  Furthermore, if the removal solution is not correct, you could be pulling unnecessarily on your own hair ripping and damaging your natural strands.

It is highly recommended to consult with your stylist with any removal concerns.

Caring for your hair extensions at home

Hairdreams offers Laserbeamer Nano if you’re looking for low maintenance hair extensions that don’t require frequent salon visits.  But, if you are stuck at home for an extended period of time and cannot see your stylist (e.g. on lockdown) or if you are traveling, below are some tips to help care for your extensions while you wait to see your stylist:

Be gentle on your hair! That means, avoid excessive tension or pulling on your hair and bondings.  No tight braids or tight ponytails that put stress on the bondings.

Brush your hair daily.  Hair brushing technique: use one hand to firmly hold the bonds near the roots, while you use the other hand to brush through your strands.  Separate individual sections of your hair and brush gently and extensively from the roots to the bonds all the way down to the tips.  Also, separate strands daily at the bondings gently starting at the roots to help prevent knotting and tangling. 

Limit shampooing.  Once or 2x a week is recommended.  Keep hair tied in a bun or tucked in a shower cap when bathing. When shampooing, try not to rub hair in a circular motion. Instead, press onto scalp and work the shampoo through with soft strokes to evenly distribute.  Rinse thoroughly to remove all product from hair and scalp. Dry bondings as soon as you finish shampooing. Bondings should not be left damp for a long period of time.

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