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Hair Extensions: Pro-Tips and Tricks for a Gorgeous Mane

Stylists worldwide know that Hairdreams® hair extensions are the very best in hair quality and wear.  These legendary hair strands have earned its reputation throughout its 30 years in the industry. Hair that looks so natural and feels like cashmere. So, what happens when you come home after getting the hair of your dreams? What do you do next?  It’s all about maintenance at home and periodic tidy-up services at the salon to help keep your Hairdreams® hair extensions looking silky and radiant throughout its wear.

Here are a few tips from Hairdreams’ Creative Director, Erin Hayden and her absolute favorite products to use at home:

  • Brush, brush, brush! Brushing your Hairdreams® hair extensions every day is essential to prevent tangling and matting. Hairdreams’® Tri-Bristle Extension Brush with Shine Infuser is the best hair brush– hands down. It has multiple layers of different types of bristles to stimulate and release all the natural oils from your scalp and help distribute them all the way to the ends, resulting in shinier, luminous hair.  The tri-bristles are designed to be flexible yet strong, making it ideal for all kinds of extensions because you can safely and thoroughly brush over bonds and attachment points.
  • Before bedtime, tie your hair back (with big scrunchies) or braid hair to help keep hair in place through the night. Sleeping on a silk/ satin pillowcase or sleeping cap is also gentler for your hair. Tie your hair back before swimming to help avoid unnecessary tugging on your hair while in the water.
  • The DOUBLE ACTION CONDITIONER is my favorite leave-in spray conditioner to use before a blowout. Having longer hair or more voluminous hair means more styling! It helps to create a smoother blown out style and locks in shine. Sometimes when clients excessively blow dry or use hot styling tools, it can dry out the extensions, so leave-in moisturizing conditioners are vital.
  • Wash hair less frequently. Since you have more hair, it will feel less oily.
  • I give all of my clients the PH & SHINE SPRAY. Many don’t realize the importance of pH balance for hair. When your hair is properly pH balanced, the cuticle will naturally close and eliminate frizz. This unique spray helps balance the pH and moisture levels of your own hair as well as your hair extensions. It detangles the hair, providing superior shine to reduce static preventing fly-aways.
  • I highly recommend the HAIR FLUID which can be use on wet or dry hair. This leave-in fluid is great for damaged hair and split ends. It is intensively nourishing and regenerating which makes split ends look smoother and silkier. On dry hair, you can run the product through the ends first to concentrate on what areas need more nourishment. With any leftover product, you can smooth down fly always on the hairline. On wet hair the product will be slightly diluted so you can distribute evenly from mid-lengths through the ends.

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